Choosing a perfume can be an arduous task, when it can be fun. You get to the perfumery begin tests everything you see on the shelves, you put various perfumes on the wrists, neck and arms until you do not have a single piece of free skin; so that you have the smell so saturated that you cannot distinguish any perfume.

Later, when you leave the store, at best, you feel discouraged and without perfume, in the worst case you have bought a perfume for the smell of the first ten minutes; for in some cases check, that once past that time, the perfume evolves in a way that you do not like. Choosing your perfume can be simplified by following four simple steps!!:

  • Remember all the perfumes you have had a lifetime.
  • Identify the olfactory family in which everyone belongs, it is necessary because you have never used a perfume, for example, the Oriental family you almost do not like.  For this you can use the web of Fragantica
  •  It is also important to know the intensity of the perfume that is usually used, the fragrances are also classified according to their concentration:
  1. Eau the Cologne: 4% to 8%
  2. Eau the Toilette: 8% to 20.
  3. Eau the Perfume 20%.
  4. Eau the Perfume extracts 40%.
  • Finally, with all the information about perfumes, colognes, EDP or EDT of the same family and concentration, before going to the store look for fragrances with the same characteristics, when you go to buy test only those you have chosen beforehand.

Before you buy, you should try the skin and wait a few hours to see if it evolves in all its phases as you wish. If you do not, it is possible that when you spent the first ten minutes of the initial note do not like as you progress through the middle and lower notes.

By Maite Barroso

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By Maite Barroso del Cerro